Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Any bigger and I'd be in the circus

While we're on the topic of obscenity, I want to start an informal contest for most amusing spam subject header. Like a lot of people I get dozens of spams per day, the most recent having to do with increasing the size of my penis, but nearly all of them are by non-English-speaking drones who are just copying and pasting text from phrasebooks and from each other. So when a spammer comes up with something original and funny, I think it's worth posting. If that's not enough justification, consider the phrase Any [comparative-modifier] and [future-or-conditional-sentence] as an example of a grammatical construction of the sort that has regained currency in the linguistics literature.

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Philip Rubin said...


Here is a small sampling of spam subjects from recent messages that I have received. There are plenty more where these came from.

slow scooby snack
I so hibbing
detonation deadpan
YO sir, your ramrod is really small
Gott sei Dank Passwort
The kunkletown he helmville
pull viscous
good microscopi
by flandreau whom batesland
apparel absenteeism clergymen