Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Heads Across the Water

IS needs a cuter acronym... like PPIG. This high-powered University of Edinburgh reading group appears to be run by Andy Clark, whose wonderful Natural Born Cyborgs I vaguely recall we were supposed to read at an IS meeting a few years ago. We are not worthy!

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Philip Rubin said...


Maybe we should run an acronym contest. Speaking of acronyms, other reading groups that I am presently in include STUVWG (the Yale Whitney Humanities Center Science, Technology and Utopian Visions Working Group), MBCC (the Yale Whitney Humanities Center Mind, Brain, Culture and Consciousness working group), TE (the Yale Bioethics Center Technology and Ethics Working Group), and ISP (the Yale Law School's Information Society Project). I am suffering from acronym and working group overload, but am still enjoying all of them when I am able to get to the meetings. IS, of course, is the most fun because it steadfastly does not take itself too seriously, while also trying to remain as academically innovative as possible.