Friday, July 25, 2008

Catherine P. Browman

We are very sad to report the death of our colleague and friend, Catherine P. Browman (1945-2008). Cathe died peacefully at home on July 18, 2008, after a long illness. Her partner, Louis Goldstein, posted an obituary on the Linguist List.

Cathe, one of the pioneers in the field of Laboratory Phonology, is best known for her work with Goldstein and other colleagues at Haskins Laboratories on Articulatory Phonology. She was an early participant in IS group meetings. One memorable evening in the 1980s she led us in Sufi dances that spoke to her commitment to spirituality and group interaction.


Simon Levy said...

Whenever I tell a student (or colleague) that quantitative results have to be reproducible, that real science can't be fortuitous or "more or less correct": that's Cathe speaking. It probably annoys them to hear it from me as much as it annoyed me to hear it from her, but it's the truth, and we can't do decent work without it. I could add lots of other things, about how funny she could be, how much more extraordinary her accomplishments are in light of what she was dealing with, but I think she'd be happiest knowing that I learned from her how to do good science. Thank you, Cathe.

Anonymous said...

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