Friday, July 25, 2008


An international conference, A Natural-Physical Perspective on Perception-Action-Cognition, was held at the University of Connecticut, June 19-21, 2008, to honor psychologist Michael T. Turvey's "transition" into the next phase of his academic career.

The speakers, primarily drawn from Turvey's Ph.D. and postdoctoral students, presented papers in several of the areas that Michael worked in and contributed to for more than 40 years, including language (Philip Rubin, Robert Remez, Carol Fowler, Betty Tuller, Laurie Feldman, Bruno Galantucci); vision and audition (Claire Michaels, Jim Todd, Geoff Bingham, Larry Rosenblum, Nam-Gyoon Kim, Brett Fajen); dynamic touch and haptics (Chris Pagano, Jeff Kinsella-Shaw, Eric Amazeen, Mike Riley, Kevin Shockley, Sergio Fonseca); and coordination dynamics (Peter Kugler, Bruce Kay, Richard Schmidt, Dagmar Sternad, Rmesh Balasubramaniam, Nia Amazeen). Other speakers and discussants included (Mike Wade, Fergus Craik, Bob Shaw, J. A. Scott Kelso, Guy Van Orden, Reinoud Bootsma, Anatol Feldman, Peter Beek, Karl Newell, Mark Latash, Steve Harrison, Theo Rhodes, Claudia Carello and Michael T. Turvey.

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